Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's Coming

Some Preliminary Info:
Who: You!
What: Back2School 'Cross
Where: St. Olaf College- Northfield, MN
When: November 5th, 10am-4pm
Why: It's all about ridin' dirty

One of the Biggest Payouts in Minnesota 'Cross.....
Collegiate Racing
Ford the St. Olaf River
Our run up will take you back to school!

Registration: $20
*** With College ID: $10
Registration closes 30 minutes prior to start

C Race: 10:00am
30 minutes +1 lap

Collegiate Race: 11:00am
45 minutes + 1 lap

B Race: 12:00am
45 minutes + 1 lap

Elite A Race: 1:30 pm
60 minutes + 1 lap

Elite Men's Payout: $150, 100, 75, 30
Women's Payout: $75, 40, 20

These Fools are responsible: NooNoo and Boyce

Questions? Contact

Get Dirty! Race 'Cross!

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