Monday, October 16, 2006



The promoters take the liberty to determine the staging order. As planned its like this:
Staging Order:
UCI Points
Top 5 CRY points (most updated, so probably from 10/29 points)
Race Promoters (hehe)
6-15 CRY points

Women's Race:
Elite Women's Race will start 2 minutes BEFORE Men's B
Based on our course and that time frame, everybody should be strung out before contact between the 2 groups.
B Men- Sorry guys, but they have to stare at your butts all season, and they're the best of Minnesota. Let's give them a turn at the front for once.
We're Feminists here (well, at least at Carleton.....)

Download Flyer here.
The directions on Flyer are Wrong. It will be fixed soon. In the meantime:
Take exit #69 for Highway 19 (Northfield/Lonsdale Exit). Go East on Highway 19 towards Northfield. Just before a road closed sign (after you pass a St. Olaf entrance) turn left on Forest Ave. Turn left immediately onto Lincoln Ave. For Registration turn left on St. Olaf Ave- go to Buntrock Commons (Big-windowed building at top of hill). For the start/finish continue straight on Lincoln Ave and look to your left.

Thanks to Jeff Kerkove for design.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's Coming

Some Preliminary Info:
Who: You!
What: Back2School 'Cross
Where: St. Olaf College- Northfield, MN
When: November 5th, 10am-4pm
Why: It's all about ridin' dirty

One of the Biggest Payouts in Minnesota 'Cross.....
Collegiate Racing
Ford the St. Olaf River
Our run up will take you back to school!

Registration: $20
*** With College ID: $10
Registration closes 30 minutes prior to start

C Race: 10:00am
30 minutes +1 lap

Collegiate Race: 11:00am
45 minutes + 1 lap

B Race: 12:00am
45 minutes + 1 lap

Elite A Race: 1:30 pm
60 minutes + 1 lap

Elite Men's Payout: $150, 100, 75, 30
Women's Payout: $75, 40, 20

These Fools are responsible: NooNoo and Boyce

Questions? Contact

Get Dirty! Race 'Cross!

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